TASC Switzerland


To ensure our constantly excellent quality throughout the year, TASC experts control the whole supply chain according to the highest standards, in detail:

1. Growing areas and their conditions
2. Washing and packing
3. Logistics
4. Delivery to our customers

Over the years we gained valuable contacts and collabo-rations to the finest planters and most trustworthy forwar-ders. Due to our great expertise, we were able to develop a fast and highly reliable supply chain on road as well as on sea, which always guarantees a fresh delivery on time without loss of quality.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

TASC International (Switzerland) GmbH

  Alte Wollerauerstraße 7
  8832 Wollerau
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  Phone: +41 43 888 2200
  Fax: +41 43 888 2209



Quality is the base of our ambitions. Therefore we have developed a tight quality control which is based on the German Classification Act for potatoes and the European Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1508/2001 of 24 July 2001 laying down the quality standards of onions.



For a smooth supply to all our customers, we collaborate with the leading local forwarding companies to be able to arrange all required transportations either to a central distribution warehouse or to an individual location.

- Produce will be transported to a central distribution point.
- Produce will be supplied to the supermakets.

Specially designed display cartons allow a fast handling
from the point of packing up to the point of sales as repacking of the produce is not required anymore.


TASC International (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has not spared any efforts to provide the customers with all their requirements. Our washing and packing line is with 40.000 M.T. washing and 10.000 M.T. packing capacity the most sophisticated
line for the retail market in Asia. This capacity and our established- profounded knowledge about potatoes and onions ensures a permanent supply of produce with a
steady quality throughout the year.



To widen our product range and stay ahead of our compe-tition we are in progress of developing new products for this market, which might include pre-peeled potatoes, pre-peeled baby potatoes as well as ready-cut onion rings and quarters, which can be supplied vacuum-packed or in glasses.

The vacuum-packed products might be useful especially for caterers, restaurants and hotels as they are ready for use and do not require preparation time anymore.