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Einladung zur TASC Neujahrsveranstaltung

1. Februar 2023 von 10:00 bis 12:30 Uhr



1. Begrüßung
Lars W. Köpp, Geschäftsführer TASC Int. (Germany) GmbH


2. Landessortenversuche Chips-Kartoffeln
Jürgen Pickny, Kartoffelspezialberatung LWK Niedersachsen, Uelzen


3. Anbau und Sortenempfehlung der Firma TASC für 2023
Holger Thiesing, Head of QM & After Sales TASC Int. (Switzerland) GmbH


4. Strategien in der Keimhemmung im Kartoffelbau
Henning Bergmann, Head of Technical Department DormFresh Ltd., UK-Scotland


5. Verabschiedung und Vorstellung von Mitarbeitern
Henrik Strampe u. Michael Burmester, Anbauberater TASC Int. (Germany) GmbH
Christopher Fangmeier, Assistent der Geschäftsführung TASC Int. (Switzerland) GmbH



Es werden Snacks und Tagungsgetränke gereicht.


 Meyers Gasthaus  Es gelten die aktuellen Corona
 Hanstedter Str. 4  bestimmungen. Das Tragen einer
 29525 Uelzen-Hanstedt II  Mund-Nasen-Maske ist freiwillig.


Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch! www.tasc-int.com



we welcome you on our homepage.
On the following pages we would like to give you an overview of our flexibility and we would like to invite you for a personal discussion.


To ensure our constantly excellent quality throughout the year, TASC experts control the whole supply chain according to the highest standards, in detail:

1. Growing areas and their conditions
2. Washing and packing
3. Logistics
4. Delivery to our customers

Over the years we gained valuable contacts and collaborations to the finest planters and most trustworthy forwarders. Due to our great expertise, we were able to develop a fast and highly reliable supply chain on road as well as on sea, which always guarantees a fresh delivery on time without loss of quality.


supply customers around the world with high– quality agro products. 

Our skilled staff arranges smooth work flow round the clock in order to make us a reliable and capable business partner.

We constantly check our products in external laboratories to ensure our quality.
Our specialists supervise everything from supply to delivery. From farmer to storehouse up to truckload, we furnish opinions regularly to revert to best possible results.
Analyses of the healthiness of the farmland and the plants, as well as tests about quarantine diseases are assigned to special laboratories.

By all these extensive testings in conjunction with close collaborations with phytosanitary – offices, research institutes and the manufacturing industry, we enhance and stay innovative.


with several contracted growers to obviate shortage of raw materials and thereby to save our productivity throughout the whole year. Amongst others also with Maersk shipping company – one of the biggest and most reliable shipowning company in the world.

Because of close cooperations with our partners we are able to act quick, flexible and punctual. Our deliveries are timed with the production schedules from our customers. This principle not only guarantees satisfied customers, but also fresh goods by short storage times.